[GRASSLIST:7196] v.out.ascii format question

Bart scarfboy at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 15:23:51 EDT 2005

Hey people,

I'm trying to figure out exactly what the v.out.ascii 
(format=standard) outputs. The v.out.ascii or 
v.in.ascii help pages don't directly help - they
don't handle the things that come after the 

I seem to have a few lines without coordinates in
my data (spearfish60, actually), which I'll just assume
is allowed, but more interestingly, I can't make full
sense out of what seem to be category lines after
the coordinates of each feature. What do the two
numbers mean? Perhaps id (of what?) and category?
What happens when there is more than one line of these?

Relatedly, if those are categories I don't know
what to make of the "v.out.ascii does not copy
the dig_cats [...]" comment in the v.out.ascii
documentation. (I use grass 6.0.0, by the way)

Basically I'd like to know what the output format
is, exactly. A little 'why' would be nice too:)

Thanks in advance, 
--Bart Alewijnse

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