[GRASSLIST:7208] Re: grass commands with python script

Stephan Holl holl at gdf-hannover.de
Fri Jun 17 09:42:53 EDT 2005

Hello orkun, 

On Thu, 16 Jun 2005 17:33:38 +0300 orkun <temiz at deprem.gov.tr> wrote:

> hello
> I was wondering if it was possible to write grass commands
> in python script.
> can you send me an example, link, doc ?

As my python knowledge is near to zero here an untested code-snippet:
cmds = [ 'd.mon stop=x6',
                 'g.region -d res=1',
                 'r.colors map=ortho col=grey',
                 'd.mon x6',
                 'd.mon sel=x6',
                 'd.rast ortho' ]
        for cmd in cmds:

Perhaps some python-gurus can provide better help...

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