[GRASSLIST:7225] Re: Compile Errors continue in 6.0.0

Thomas Colson tom_colson at ncsu.edu
Sat Jun 18 11:57:20 EDT 2005

6.1 snapshot...a few hours? Just updated. Same errors with 6.0 and 6.1....

I'll try that fix tomorrow morning...

Replying to list so answers can be searchable in archive for those blazing
a trail behind me.

>> tried that. Tried ./configure --without-fftw AND --without-gdal (or
>> with-gdal=no...interesting enough, either of the disable gdal syntaxes
>> still bombs with "Can't find GDAL")
> GDAL is not optional in GRASS 6. --without-gdal should be removed but
> --with-gdal=where/it/is must stay.
>> Same errors. Could this be due to the version of GCC (4.0)? Or the
> Does FC4 provide a gcc-3.3 package, even if not used by default?
>> cd gmath
>> make
> [...]
>> In file included from del2g.c:23:
>> numerical.h:47: error: array type has incomplete element type
> looking at the CVS record for lib/gmath/numerical.h we see Brad put
> in a GCC4 fix for that file 3 weeks ago.
> http://freegis.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/grass6/lib/gmath/numerical.h
> How old's your 6.1 snapshot?
>> version of Fedora? Unfortunately, getting FC3 working on my hardware
>> is harder than getting grass to work (Dual Xeon 3.6, 256 MB vid card,
>> hardware RAID...) and FC4 works perfectly out of the box. The
>> precompiled binaries at mappinghacks.com of course are not applicable
>> to my distro of linux (worked great on a FC3 laptop install with Grass
>> 6.1).
>> I'm getting pretty desperate here....I MUST get this working sometime
>> this weekend. Basically, the only thing I need working is v.in.ascii
>> and r.surf.rst (and NVIZ...hence...a GUI). The goal here is speedy
>> interpolation of LIDAR elevation points into DEMs using spline,
>> ideally with libraries optimized for large file support and the 64 bit
>> architecture.
> (try for yourself first, but be warned:)
> Apparently v.in.ascii is broken this weekend. Try a snapshot from a few
> weeks back. If you can't find one, grab from the cvs using a specific
> date, e.g. I know it was ok on 17 May. (cvs checkout -D datespec)
> See the CVS page for info:  http://grass.ibiblio.org/devel/cvs.php
> but then, some of Brad's 64bit & GCC4 fixes have come in only this month.
> :)
> So if v.in.ascii doesn't work for you, you'll have to use an old CVS
> snapshot and merge in any GCC4 fixes since then. ? catch 22..
> After generating the surface you can copy the mapset to another computer
> for NVIZ. Just worry about the surface. You're not going to get very far
> without lib/gmath, so focus on that first. I expect v.in.ascii will be
> working soon (but I'm not working on it).
>> Or....is 6.0.0 compatible with fftw 3.0 yet?
> Nope.
> best of luck,
> Hamish

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