[GRASSLIST:7347] v.sample.buffer

Trevor Wiens twiens at interbaun.com
Tue Jun 28 12:32:06 EDT 2005

Some months ago I mentioned I had written a modified version of v.sample to extract data and calculate basic stats (min,max,mean,mode,diversity,variance,..) within a user specified buffer and append this data into new columns of the vector file's attribute table. It has only been tested with point vector files, but should theoretically work with linear or area features also.

I have finally brought it up to the standard for inclusion on Michael Barton's script exchange and submitted it to him.

I wrote it for my work on grassland habitat selection modeling and found it very helpful once I got it working to quickly and easily extract raster data from my survey sites. Thanks again to Hamish who gave me the suggestion as to how to do it. I hope it is useful to others also.

Trevor Wiens
twiens at spacelan.ne.jp

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