[GRASSLIST:7354] DLG optional module for 6.0?

Luis E Menoyo lemenoyo at usgs.gov
Tue Jun 28 17:06:10 EDT 2005

How do I import USGS DLG optional format (.do) data to Grass 6.0?
The only info I could find was on "Grass 5.3 modules porting status to 
6.0", where "the list below gives hints for modules not found in 6.0." 

v.in.dlg2 -not used in 5.0 
v.in.dlg.scs -not used in 5.0  

Does this mean that the v.in.dlg module is not going to make it to 6.0? 
Has the process been incorporated into a different module?
Any info/pointers will be greatly appreciated.
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