[GRASSLIST:7360] Re: v.digit in 6.0

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 29 02:22:51 EDT 2005

> > I am trying to do something with v.digit in new grass and I found
> > that it is totally useless (or I miss something). It seems to be
> > impossible to pan screen without ending digitizing the line!
> That's right, v.digit is of not much use in it's actual form. The
> issue you mention is not the only problem. This has been discussed a
> bit in both grasslist and grass-devel. 

It works just fine for points and cleaning up topology. I think "not
easy to use for your task" is a more accurate representation. If you
want to pan, you have to end the line, pan, draw another, and then snap
the two together apparently. A pain, but possible.

> Also check the bugtracker for other complaints on v.digit.

Note that a lot of those will be for v.digit from GRASS 5, an entirely
different program.

> v.digit needs a volunteer who'd fix it. Nobody by now.

Correct; but again, I would say "improve" rather than "fix". For many 
tasks it is fully adequate.

> However there's QGIS which has a very nice plugin for digitizing Grass
> layers,



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