[GRASSLIST:310] NITF projection information problem?

Julie Tittler Julie.Tittler at operamail.com
Wed Mar 22 08:56:53 EST 2006

When I import an NITF file into GRASS using r.in.gdal, the projection  
comes back as X,Y (unprojected). I know that's not right. The imagery is  
unprojected in WGS84. All the projection information is listed in the  
corresponding data files which come with the NTF. The image is a Quick  
Bird imagery product. This is a problem because I need to patch 2 of these  
images together. Since they show as no GCS, they overlap each other in the  
display completely, even though they only really overlap a little, (I can  
view them both in ArcMap).

Does anyone know how to get NITF files to have their correct projection  
information in GRASS?

Thank you,
Julie Tittler

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