[GRASS-user] r.out.bin header files

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 1 02:16:27 EDT 2006

Paul Allen wrote:

> I just exported out hill-shade raster with r.out.bin so I could import
> it into ArcGIS.
> The header file created was:
> Nrows 24000
> Ncols 18000
> Nbands 1
> Nbits 64
> Byteorder I
> Layout bil
> Skypbytes 0
> Nodata -99999
> Looking at the ArcGIS help for raster import the header file should
> also have the georeferencing data included as XLLCENTER or XLLCORNER
> Also as far as AG is concerned byteorder should be MSBFIRST or
> LSBFIRST.  Are not rasters fun to import/export between multiple
> programs!
> It is a simple thing to fix with a text editor since it is found in
> the world file but why does r.out.bin not do it automatically?

Use r.out.arc. Some tips are listed in the help page.


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