[GRASS-user] Creating 3D Vector file (v.in.ascii) for eventual use in NVIZ

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 2 02:32:54 EDT 2006

Craig Aumann wrote:

> I'm mucking about with NVIZ and want to put some simple rectangles on
> a 3D image to represent buildings.  A number of questions:
> 1)  I presume that 3D rectangles can be created using v.in.ascii.
> However, its not obvious to me from the v.in.ascii man page how a 3D
> rectangle should be specified.  Could someone please enlighten me here
> or point me to the specification?  
> 2) I have also been trying to find actual worked examples with code
> for 3D NVIZ examples like those given at:
> http://grass.ibiblio.org/grass61/screenshots/vector.php
> My thoughts were to simply read in a couple of 3D vector files, then
> v.transform them and patch them to create my "developments".  
> Other suggestions on how best to do this are also appreciated. 

I'm thinking for a while now that it would be really nice to put
together a collection of articles showcasing the existing and new 3D
capabilities of GRASS 6 for an upcoming GRASS newsletter or special

for example:

* 3D vector processing
   - overview of GRASS's method: faces, kernels, etc
   - new 3D vector modules from Jachym  (v.extrude etc)
   - some nice example (e.g. make a pyramid [see attached]), Trento/NYC

* 3D raster processing
   - overview of GRASS's method: voxels, g.region -3, as a time series, etc
   - new 3D raster modules from Sören
   - some nice example (e.g. do some quantitative analysis of sample
      Slovakia rain data)  

* visualization with NVIZ, export to VTK etc
   - new NVIZ features by Massimo and Luigi, Bob, etc
   - v.in.onearth SRTM + LANDSAT -> i.landsat.rgb -> nviz (reader's home)

etc., etc., etc.

(I'm a big fan of bite sized 10-15 minute tutorials...)

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