[GRASS-user] Creating 3D Vector file (v.in.ascii) for eventual use in NVIZ

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 2 23:16:38 EDT 2006

> > Could these tutorials be actual MPEG movies showing screen captures
> > of what was done?   I've seen such kinds of tutorials put out by
> > different companies (e.g., ESRI), but I don't know how difficult it
> > would be to do or whether the resulting MPEG would be unmanageably
> > large etc. 

> I would suggest use flash instead of mpegs

Instuctions for doing this posted to the GRASS lists in Feb:
   From: Sören Gebbert
   Subject: Video tutorials
   Date: 2006-02-20

This may mean I need to install a flash player after all these years.

> if there is interest on this topic, i could prepare some tutorials out
> of my presentations (fossgis in bonn, foss4g in lausanne). though i
> got some positive feedback, i was never shure, if the presentations
> are good start for such kind of tutorials.

I think that would be great.

another 3D topic I am now reminded of: automatic generation of MPEG-1
and MPEG-4 (Xvid)* animations directly from NVIZ's keyframe animation

[*] requires "USE_XVID" compile time macro;
    buggy (it's a raw stream that displays with mplayer only)


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