[GRASS-user] Large vector files

Jonathan Greenberg jgreenberg at arc.nasa.gov
Thu Oct 5 15:51:21 EDT 2006

Case in point: I just got this error on a v.in.ascii import of a ~200mb csv
file with points:

G_realloc: out of memory (I have 4gb RAM and plenty of swap space, and the
program never hit that limit anyway).

I'm pretty sure this binary is *not* compiled for 64-bit macs, so I may
recompile GRASS myself...

Sorry, I meant > 4gb (these files are probably going to be up to 8gb in


On 10/5/06 12:33 PM, "gary" <lists at lazygranch.com> wrote:

> You can access about 4G with 32 bits, so 64 bits doesn't necessarily
> help. The big advantage to using a 64 bit CPU is the double precision
> math is much more efficient. This assumes you have compiled the program
> using 64 bit libraries.
> I use a 64 bit AMD 4.4Ghz dual core running suse 10.0
> Jonathan Greenberg wrote:
>> I wanted to get some feedback on how well GRASS works with very large vector
>> files (> 2gb) -- I have a 64 bit mac that I have grass running on now, so
>> I'm hoping the 64 bit memory system will work -- thoughts?
>> --j 

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