[GRASS-user] OGR don't see GRASS format

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Mon Oct 9 17:10:08 EDT 2006

Jarek Jasiewicz wrote:

> ogrinfo -- formats returns:
> Loaded OGR Format Drivers:
>  -> "ESRI Shapefile" (read/write)
>  -> "UK .NTF" (readonly)

My is:

$ ogrinfo --formats
Supported Formats:
  -> "GRASS" (readonly)
  -> "ESRI Shapefile" (read/write)


I can't know what is wrong with your setup, but my advices are:

1. Use GDAL 1.3.2 if you can.
2. Don't build GDAL with GRASS. Build GDAL, GRASS with GDAL and then
build the GDAL-GRASS plugin (get the newest version from GDAL site).
This will save you circular dependencies. This is the recommended way

If you still have problems let us know.


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