[GRASS-user] Map Web Publishing: Quick Start

Hardeep Singh Rai hardeep at eml.cc
Mon Oct 9 23:34:02 EDT 2006

I have installed Grass, and MapServer on Ubuntu. Demo application of
MapServer is working fine. I wish to have my data from GRASS to be web
published through MapServer.

Is it must to export it to shape file to be used with MapServer?

Can we export MapServer map file from GRASS?

I used qgis to get map file. But, it had path like:

     DATA /home/login_name/gis/gne//ludhiana/gne/canal/0_line

I could not understand "//" in path, and I could not locate 0_line
anywhere on my computer.

Is there any express way to webpublish GRASS application, by just using
data of GRASS in its first place and making changes in some file,
regarding location, mapset and layers and extents, should able to
publish on web. I understand, it may not be as per the requirement of
the users, but it may be just basic for browing without any query
option. Fine tuning may be done slowly ;-)

Thanks in anticipation.

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