[GRASS-user] Profile and tangential curvatures in r.slope.aspect

Aldo Clerici alcl01 at ipruniv.cce.unipr.it
Thu Oct 12 10:41:23 EDT 2006

Thanks to everybody for the exhaustive and quick answers. 
Now it is clear enough to me how curvatures are computed in r.slope.aspect
(as very well explained in the appendix B.3 in Mitasova & Neteler). 
I have a last question regarding the measure units. A tangential curvature
of 0.1 means that the aspect changes of 0.1 degree in a planar distance of 1
meter? And a profile curvature of 0.1 means that the slope angle changes of
an amount of 0.1 degree for each meter of elevation difference?

Thanks again and my best regards

Aldo Clerici
Parma University

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