[GRASS-user] Creating a new mapset

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 14 02:30:29 EDT 2006

Joel Pitt wrote:
> Perhaps g.mapset should have a '-a' flag to add a new mapset? I know
> it is pretty simple to carry out creating a dir and copying the file -
> but for usability I think having this flag would be a good idea.
> I'm happy to code it myself if people are happy with this change, so
> long as someone can add it to cvs...

That would be a very nice addition. For consistency you might use 
"-c" instead of "-a"  (from g.proj).

or -n from "v.digit -n", but I think g.proj is closer.

see  lib/gis/make_loc.c

consider adding a new lib fn G_make_mapset() there.

$newmapset/WIND should be copied from PERMANET/DEFAULT_WIND, not the
current region settings (??)


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