[GRASS-user] NEWBIE: Time required to develop Google Earth-like GIS App??

pnpazand at rockwellcollins.com pnpazand at rockwellcollins.com
Wed Oct 18 14:32:37 EDT 2006


I am evaluating alternative GIS tools for a research project. The starting
point for
our research requires a Google Earth like interface - pan, tilt, zoom on
raster images,
annotation creation, and data layers.

>From looking thru the website it is difficult to immediately tell if all of
this is available
with GRASS "out of the box" -- with or without using NVIS or QGIS.

Beyond this, a secondary capability I am looking for is a 4D feature,
allowing the user
to move a time slider (or hit a "play" button) to view raster imagery (and
collected over time.  I have used KML/Google Earth to do this at least with
and it seems to work  well -- that said, Google Earth is not an open

Any information or guidance would be most appreciated.


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