[GRASS-user] new r.in.xyz Benchmarks

Patton, Eric epatton at nrcan.gc.ca
Mon Oct 23 14:26:45 EDT 2006

Hi all,

Good news with r.in.xyz. This program is really performing. I ran the
following tests:

Input file: 2006_Garry_Trough_1.txt
Size: 2.8GB
Time to Import: 8min, 24sec.
# of Points: 100,055,397

Input File: 2006_Garry_Trough_2.txt
Size: 3.2GB
Time to Import: 9min, 22sec.
# of Points: 115,947,033

Input File: 2006_Garry_Trough_3.txt
Size: 3.6GB
Time to Import: 10min, 33sec
# of Points: 126,162,261

This is really fantastic. Before, I had to chop each input file into 1GB
sections using awk, import, then patch back together. I couldn't even script
that, as I was getting the double free/corruption errors, which have
altogther vanished.

I'll be able to test it even better in about a month's time, as I'm getting
massive LIDAR dataset that was just flown - about 0.25m resolution, at an
area of about 5km X 15km - all in xyz format! ;)


~ Eric.

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