[GRASS-user] Importing GLOBE DEM data

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Thanks to all for the guidance.

I have been able to import and view the data using r.in.gdal. The only
problem is that it is in Black and White. I tried to use this command:

r.colors map=Gujarat color=rules rast=Gujarat rules=terrain

I hope this is what Moritz meant:

In brief, to do what Markus suggested:



To see the new colors applied, you have to push the "Redraw all layers"
button (2nd from the left) in the Map Display.

The map is now in shades of grey.

The other Data I downloaded is : freegis_worlddata-0.1_simpl.tar

It is also in Black and White with only the outlines and crosses in black. I
have made a separate location for this data. I am unable to have a coloured
map in it also. It's GRASS how to file (which comes along with the data

1. Create location

Location: <some name>

Mapset: <a name>

Database: <a path to a writable directory

Coordinate system: B, Latitude-Longitude

description: <some description>

geodatic datum: no

ellipsoid: grs80


north: 90

south: -90

west: -180

east: 180
grid resolution: not important

When I tried to do this, I am getting this error : 'clear' is not recognized
as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

However I did try to import the data as is given in the second point:

2. import data
> v.in.ogr dsn=/usr/share/geo-data/country_geodata/countries_simpl.shp

This was comfortably done.

3. you can now load /usr/share/geo-data/country_geodata/pop.gm with the
data manager to have a first look on the data and to print them.

How can I undertake this step. I am a bit clueless.

4. Print colorcoded maps

#start monitor fo visualization

d.mon x0

# print china in red

d.vect map=countries type=area where="fibs='CH'" fcolor=255:0:0

# print countries with total population < 5000000 in green

d.vect map=countries type=area where="total<5000000" fcolor=0:255:0

# erase all objects from monitor


# stop monitor

d.mon stop=x0

This last step mentioned in the How to... is again a bit confusing. I hope
this is what is supposed to be written in the Output - GIS.m and run. Is it?

Thanks everyone for your patience and efforts towards helping me out. As for
going back to Cygwin, I would only take it up as the last option available.

Thanks again for the help



On 10/29/06, Hamish <hamish_nospam at yahoo.com> wrote:

> > I have been trying to import GLOBE DEM file from:
> >
> http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/seg/ff/nph-newform.pl/seg/topo/customdatacd?disp=one&sid=peak.
> >
> > I don't know what to do next. I have downloaded the file and unzipped
> > it to get three files .bil, .hdr and one color file. How should I go
> > about using it?
> Import with r.in.gdal:
> http://gdal.org/frmt_various.html#EHdr
> You should also be able to import it with r.in.bin, but you will
> probably have to set some parameters by hand that way.
> Hamish
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