[GRASS-user] GRASS PSC Update

Paul Kelly paul-grass at stjohnspoint.co.uk
Tue Oct 31 06:46:54 EST 2006

Hello David

On Mon, 30 Oct 2006, Sampson, David wrote:

> Hey Folks,
> I thought I would follow up from our previous process of forming the
> Since the time we announced who formed the PSC I thought I'd leave
> things be and let proccesses be what they may and allow the group a
> chance to come together.
> I am curious to know where the GRASS PSC currently stands and if they
> require any assiatnce from the GRASS commmunity as a whole.
> Maybe a single representative from the GRASS PSC an give us all an
> update.

Just thought I'd let you know that we've been discussing revisions to the 
RFC document that describes the PSC's terms of reference, the motivation 
being to hopefully try and disturb as little as possible the current 
method of achieving consensus for technical decisions on the developers 
mailing list. The OSgeo guidelines require the PSC to maintain a certain 
level of quality control over the codebase, and personally I hope the PSC 
should be able to achieve this by re-emphasising and improving the code 
committing guidelines that already exist, and having some kind of formal 
approval over who is granted CVS write privileges.

The other part of the PSC's work is "project management" - this is a bit 
vague at the minute but I anticipate it to involve setting deadlines for 
releases, organising bug days, promotional work, that kind of thing. As I 
feel Markus has indicated in the past he is sometimes unhappy with the 
burden placed on him in this regard (hope he doesn't mind me saying 
that!), it looks like this is an area the PSC should be able to to make 
some good progress in without trying to "fix something that isn't broken", 
as would be the case if we tried to replace the current process for 
technical decision-making.

Other PSC members feel free to disagree with me if you think I haven't 
given a true representation of the discussions! I won't take offence!



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