[GRASS-user] Which is the best forum/resource for GRASS starters?

Michele michele.rocc at libero.it
Tue Oct 31 09:37:31 EST 2006

I can say that you are really welcome on this list...

> the starters and persons with
> little knowledge about GIS but do have a
> desire to learn it.

I think this list is more related to the use of the
GRASS GIS Software, than GIS in general.
This is only my opinion of course ;-)

> I want to have a display like:
> http://www.eicinformation.org/data/sampledata.asp?id=2
> Is it possible on GRASS??

If you think yourself as a very novice, maybe you need to
focus in some more simple task... just to begin with
something on which you can find more specific problems
to ask for...

Anyway i would say yes to your question, but you need
to use mapserver too

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