[GRASS-user] Listing line vector cats and node numbers

CTS Dubbo - Tony Fransos acfransos at westnet.com.au
Fri Sep 1 15:58:28 EDT 2006

I am converting from being a long time user of Arc-INFO to using GRASS.
I have one particular need that I have not been able to solve as yet.

For a vector line map, is there any way in GRASS to get a
listing/table/report showing the line cats with the end node numbers?
I have been able to get a map of these precise data using d.vect, and I
have been able to get a list of the line cats with the coordinates of
the nodes, but not what I really need.

 Thanks in advance

Tony Fransos
CTS Dubbo - Tony Fransos <acfransos at westnet.com.au>
Computer Troubleshooters Dubbo

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