[GRASS-user] Listing line vector cats and node numbers

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 3 03:42:59 EDT 2006

Tony Fransos wrote:

> I am converting from being a long time user of Arc-INFO to using
> GRASS. I have one particular need that I have not been able to solve
> as yet.

seen this?


> For a vector line map, is there any way in GRASS to get a
> listing/table/report showing the line cats with the end node numbers?
> I have been able to get a map of these precise data using d.vect, and
> I have been able to get a list of the line cats with the coordinates
> of the nodes, but not what I really need.

d.what.vect, "v.to.db option=start|end", "v.out.ascii format=standard",
&/or v.to.points  should help,

note that end-nodes do not have individual "ID numbers", only the whole
line has a category number. A single point/centroid has its own category
number though. The above commands will be useful for getting the line's
cat number, start and end coords, direction (one-way street, a->b or b->a)
verticies, etc.


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