[GRASS-user] sharpening an image based on multiple samples

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 10 01:07:19 EDT 2006

> > I have a series of images (all the same, slight jitter between each
> > one), I'd like to use a sharpening algorithum to combine them into
> > one very crisp image.
> > Input is heavy-tripod DV of the night sky (very stable).

> You could try to smooth it with r.series, doing vertical averaging?
> Or is it spatial jitter?

There is both slight spatial & temporal jitter between each image. I
wish to average out the temporal jitter without it getting blurred by
the slow spatial drift.

The drift seems to be both small & linear, so I might be able to correct
for that by manually shifting cells by the required amount, but I was
hoping for something that would automatically "lock on" to the features
in the image & save me the gererational losses introduced by an extra
step + clumsy human fingers.


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