[GRASS-user] Disabling some safety checks in grass 6.3?

Jonathan Greenberg jgreenberg at arc.nasa.gov
Thu Sep 14 17:30:19 EDT 2006

Understanding the risks, how do I disable the following security checks:

1) Concurrent use of a single grass mapset
"[username] is currently running GRASS in selected mapset. Concurrent use
not allowed."

2) Disabling the GUI check to run > 1 process at a time (e.g. To not wait
for the previous process to finish before allowing a second one to run).

Along these lines, if I'm careful to only be READING from (possibly) the
same files (e.g. I'm not writing to the same file), should I be more or less
"safe"?  The reason I want to do this is I've been working on dual or
greater processor machines with highly CPU intensive processes (e.g. r.sun),
and short of figuring out parallel processing with grass, I'd like to run a
process once per CPU to maximize the processor usage.  Thoughts?


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