[GRASS-user] GRASS, sqlite-driver an (german) umlaut - visible in GRASS, but not in sqlite!

Wolfgang Qual Wolfgang.Qual at gmx.net
Wed Sep 20 04:27:40 EDT 2006

Dear list,
I successfully imported a dbf-table into my grass-project. Attributes are stored in sqlite.
When I use the identify-tool of gis.m, german umlaut characters (üßöä)are displayed. However, using sqlite3-console or sqlitebrowser does not work. The same thing happens with QGIS (not displayed). Therefore, I cannot perform a query like "select * from layer where Ort like 'Münch%';" (only Mnchen available).
Is there a way to tell sqlite that I have this kind of characters?
I just tested v.out.ogr - fortunately, all ü,ö,ä,ß were visible in the attribute table of the exported (shape-)file.

Any ideas are appreciated!

With best regards,

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