[GRASS-user] v.digit ERROR: Cannot open toolbox:

Ulrich Leopold uleopold at science.uva.nl
Wed Sep 20 10:04:25 EDT 2006

>> But when I start v.digit with the following commands I get the following error
>> message:

>> ERROR: Cannot open toolbox:

>> What does it mean exactly? What can be the problem?

> The error means that it couldn't execute the Tcl/Tk script
> $GISBASE/etc/v.digit/toolbox.tcl, either because the file isn't
> present, or an error occurred while executing the file.

And how can I solve this problem. The file is present. But soemhow it cannot
be executed:

GRASS 6.2.0beta3 (Lux):~ > $GISBASE/etc/v.digit/toolbox.tcl
/usr/local/grass-6.2.0beta3/etc/v.digit/toolbox.tcl: line 1: syntax error near
unexpected token `('
/usr/local/grass-6.2.0beta3/etc/v.digit/toolbox.tcl: line 1: `lappend
auto_path $env(GISBASE)/bwidget'

So I guess it is a bug in GRASS? Can it be solved? If yes how?


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