[GRASS-user] Open Source Public Address Geo-Coder

Sampson, David dsampson at NRCan.gc.ca
Fri Sep 22 08:49:15 EDT 2006

Hey GRASS users crew,

A new mailing list has started up to support data agmentation of the
Statistic Canada Road Network File (RNF). The need is to create a
dataset that is open and free for geocoding addresses in Canada. The
main project page can be found here (for now):


"We have been working on creating an FSA (or Forward Sortation Area, the
first three characters of a Canadian postal code) polygon layer.  
To do this, we are using the 2005 RNF and 2001 Census Division file both
from Statistics Canada, along with information from Canada Post on the
names of roads that serve as FSA boundaries. We have made some progress
at this point, but ultimately there is a fair amount of hand work
involved, and we need hands to help.


To join in the discussion or lend a hand please visit our mailing list:
can_rnf at geodata.osgeo.org

Signup on the lists page:

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