[GRASS-user] kriging

ehizcara at agrogex.com ehizcara at agrogex.com
Mon Sep 25 05:45:28 EDT 2006

>Eduardo, thanks a lot. Before I decide what will I use - what about applying
>fault lines? Is it possible to incorporate those as lines where stops

Actually, I don’t now how exactly GRASS deals with missing values (mv) in their
attribute tables, but you should be able to achieve that whit the R packages. On
the other hand, you can specify a value to be equal to mv in Gstat (for example
-9999); the default is the NA string. In Gstat, the interpolation locations are
controlled via a mask map.

You can read the Gstat  user’s manual for details. An introduction to the use of
R with GRASS for spatial data analysis in
There is also a statgrass mailing list:


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