[GRASS-user] Error importing DMS into standard format usingv. in.ascii

Patton, Eric epatton at nrcan.gc.ca
Wed Sep 27 11:18:54 EDT 2006

Trying again after converting DMS to deciaml degrees:

echo "L 4 1
1 1 " | v.in.ascii -n output=DMS_test format=standard  --o
Error reading ascii file:
Building topology ...
0 primitives registered
0 areas built
0 isles built
Attaching islands:
Attaching centroids: Topology was built.
Number of nodes     :   0
Number of primitives:   0
Number of points    :   0
Number of lines     :   0
Number of boundaries:   0
Number of centroids :   0
Number of areas     :   0
Number of isles     :   0

The above command also fails if the coodinates are given to 6 decimals
places, which probably doesn't even matter.

~ Eric. 

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Patton, Eric wrote:

> Following the example given in
> I'm trying to import D:M:S coordinates into a Lat-Long Location to
create a
> line vector:
> echo "L 4 1
> 66:30:00W|44:15:00N
> 66:00:00W|44:15:00N
> 66:00:00W|44:00:00N
> 66:30:00W|44:00:00N" | v.in.ascii -n output=test format=standard

Looking at the code, I see that DMS is only supported for
format=points; format=standard requires decimal values.

Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com>

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