[GRASS-user] r.stats & r.report don't take last step

lponti at infinito.it lponti at infinito.it
Thu Sep 28 14:33:01 EDT 2006

Dear list,

I am using both r.stats and r.report on a raster coming 
from  v.surf.idw. When I look at area totals, as soon as 
nsteps>=2 the last category is always either 999958.843159 
sqare meters in r.stats (1 single cell with -c flag on) or 
1 square kilometer in r.report. Any idea why this could be 
happening? (d.histogram clearly shows that the result I 
get is unsound.)

I am using the last Cygwin/GRASS Huidae Cho binary cvs 
available (6.1).

Thanks in advance,


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