[GRASS-user] How to compile one GRASS module?

wen wen minuetus at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 2 03:33:22 EDT 2007

Dear All,

I.m GRASS beginner. I have problem when I want to compile one GRASS module (i.e i.biomass module), I used command:

mkdir -p @GRASS_HOME@/bin. at host@
mkdir -p @GRASS_HOME@/dist. at host@/include/grass
mkdir -p @GRASS_HOME@/dist. at host@/lib
mkdir -p @GRASS_HOME@/dist. at host@/bin
mkdir -p @GRASS_HOME@/dist. at host@/etc
mkdir -p @GRASS_HOME@/dist. at host@/driver
mkdir -p @GRASS_HOME@/dist. at host@/driver/db
mkdir -p @GRASS_HOME@/dist. at host@/fonts
/bin/sh: CC@: not found
make: *** [OBJ. at host@/biomass.o] Error 127

But error still occurs, should I need to install another program to compile the module, whereas I have installed make, gcc, and cc.


Wen Wen

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