[GRASS-user] Clipping Vector Data to create SVG file, how do I do it?

Turner, James James.Turner at kronos.com
Mon Aug 6 15:27:56 EDT 2007

Ok, I've RTFM and what documentation I can find, and I can't seem to get
the following to work (although I can do it from the GUI)


What I'd like to do is take one or more Vector files, zoom in to a
specific area, and generate an SVG file with only the data inside that
region.  Using the GUI, I can do it by checking the "Save displayed
objects to new vector file" option on the Map Layers dialog for the
vector, then using the new vector file as the source for v.out.svg.  I
would think that this would be the equivalent via command line:


d.mon select=x0


g.region n=51:53N s=49:10N e=62:57W w=72:30W

d.vect map=county_area

v.in.region output=mass type=area --overwrite

v.out.svg input=mass output=massachusetts.svg type=poly precision=6


(Never mind that it's really looking at Long Island ATM...)


What happens is that the "mass" vector file is empty, rather than having
the data from the specified region.


Also, is there any way to trim a vector file to a region without needing
to have a monitor up?


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