[GRASS-user] d.path shortest path algorithm

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 13 21:32:56 EDT 2007

riad mazloum wrote:
> I was just wondering what algorithm d.path uses to find the shortest
> path, Dijkstra's? or maybe another one

Apparently it does use Dijkstra's method.

lib/vector/Vlib/net.c  calls  lib/vector/dglib/graph.c  dglShortestPath(),
which calls dgl_dijkstra_V1() or dgl_dijkstra_V2() from
lib/vector/dglib/graph_v1.c or lib/vector/dglib/graph_v2.c

but I'm not sure which version is used. (1 or 2)
[I couldn't track where dglGraph_s *pGraph->Version was populated or if
DGL_V2 macro was defined]


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