[GRASS-user] Problem with GRASS 6.3 startup

Glynn Clements glynn at gclements.plus.com
Tue Aug 14 11:30:40 EDT 2007

Thomas.Adams at noaa.gov wrote:

> Actually this is not a new problem per se; it seems every time I
> build a new version of GRASS from source the Tcl/Tk GUI fails to
> come up when I hit 'Enter' after selecting the Location, Mapset,
> etc. What happens is that the GUI trys to come-up, flashes, and I
> get an error in the Term window that references a .tcl file at the
> last line of the start-up script.
> My inelegant way of handling this in the past was to simply copy
> shared libraries for gdal, Tcl/Tk, and proj4 into the GRASS lib
> directory. I would like to do this in a better way; what should I
> do? Unfortunately, I have to build *everything* in a non- standard
> location due to system constraints.

If you have the necessary permissions, add the directory containing
the additional libraries to /etc/ld.so.conf, then run ldconfig. 
Otherwise, set LD_LIBRARY_PATH (from e.g. ~/.bashrc) to include the

> What makes my current situation more difficult is that I am in
> another office (Salt Lake City, Utah), trying to help them get going
> with GRASS and my 'fix' is not working. What we ended up doing was
> to secure copy my Tcl/Tk shared libs from my machine in Ohio to the
> one we're installing on, and it's not working.
> Supposedly, the systems I'm working on have Tcl/Tk installed, but we
> could not find the shared libs. Should we build Tcl/Tk locally to
> ensure compatability? Is this the likely problem?

Are the Tcl/Tk libraries shared or static? Also sometimes the version
number is included in the filename, e.g. libtcl8.4.so.

Note that GRASS uses Tcl/Tk in two ways: scripts (e.g. gis.m) which
use "wish", and hybrid C+Tcl/Tk programs (e.g. v.digit, NVIZ) which
use the Tcl/Tk libraries.

For gis.m to work, you need a working "wish" program. This too
sometimes includes the version number, e.g. "wish8.4"; in that case,
you need to set the environment variable GRASS_WISH to the name of the
wish program.

Hybrid programs such as v.digit and NVIZ need to link against the
Tcl/Tk libraries. This means that they may need to be built on a
similar system to the one on which they are installed, i.e. when
installing binaries compiled on a different system, NVIZ is more
likely than other GRASS modules to fail to work.

Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com>

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