[GRASS-user] Row and Column from Geogr. Coords.

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 15 04:56:58 EDT 2007

José Antonio Ruiz Arias wrote:
> I am working with a map in UTM coords. and I need, given a pair
> lat/lon, to extract the row and column corresponding to that cell. I
> am thinking on using r.stats and the utility proj to interpolate in
> the map but, is there any other easier way to do it? Is maybe possible
> to do it directly with GRASS?

m.proj + r.what?

The Python SWIG interface could do it well using GRASS library

"row and column corresponding to that cell" is a bit undefined in GRASS
as the working region is not tied to the underlying raster data. Do you
want row,cell referenced to the original raster map bounds?

coord of south west corner of map and resoution from r.info gives you
all you need to calc cell coords forwards & back.


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