[GRASS-user] New wiki addons script: r.game_of_life

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 24 08:41:13 EDT 2007

Hi folks,

I just wrote a little script to demonstrate how easy it is to play with
cellular automata in GRASS. It runs both classic and modified versions of
the "Game of Life". In addition, the 3D demo mode demonstrates creating a
raster 3D time-series block; NVIZ isosurfaces and cutting planes; the
xganim map animator; and creating a MPEG-1 movie.


It's written to be compatible with 6.2.2, but I've only tested it in

My NVIZ crashes when I try to add a raster volume isosurface (6.2.{1,2}
and 6.3cvs; same old vol= bug), so I don't have a fancy screenshot to
post, but if that works for you I'd love to see one looking down into the
blob version evolution using an isosurface somewhere between 0 and 1. (the
"blob" version being mod6, which the 3D mode is hardcoded to use)

I came up with the mod4 and mod6 versions mostly by mistake, if anyone
wants to contribute others, just send the rules over. (In particular
something more blobby than mod6 which would make a nicer isosurface)

For those interested in this sort of thing, I see on the add-ons page
that Peter Löwe has recently added a r.mandelbrot module as well, and
also GRASS's wildfire modules (r.ros/r.spread/r.spreadpath) could use a
maintainer from the community.

 I am very happy to note that there are now many scripts listed on the
wiki addons page. In fact, it's busting at the seams. To keep the page
useful we should probably do a few things:

1) Break the grass6 raster and vector sections up into subgroups.
Any suggestions?? Currently they're just in a random order.

2) As many of the scripts are hosted on authors' personal webspace, it
is probably a highly prudent idea to back them up in case that webspace
or the author disappear off the scene. Markus's SVN server already hosts
some of the modules; I was thinking of some automated wget scraping
script to make up a .tgz. (although some links go to personal web pages
with the code down another layer, mmph may have to be done by hand
periodically). If it helps, I am happy to move all my contributions into
the addons SVN. Related:

3) As suggested over on the DebianGIS mailing list (by Frankie??), it
would be nice to package all the addons up into a single grass-addons
.deb/.rpm container. (well all addons that pass the FOSS license tests


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