[GRASS-user] extrude vector points

Luigi Ponti lponti at infinito.it
Fri Aug 24 18:23:57 EDT 2007

Markus Neteler wrote:
> Luigi Ponti wrote on 08/23/2007 05:07 PM:
>> Dear list,
>> Is there a way to "extrude" 2D vector points to 3D points based on
>> attribute column values, similar to what I have read v.extrude can do
>> with lines? I have tried to use v.extrude with points but an empty 3D
>> vector was created.
> ciao Luigi:
> 1. use 'v.db.addcol' to add also an x and y column
> 2. then upload also x and y to attribute table with 'v.to.db'
>    (so you have x,y,z there as *attribute*)
> 3. run 'v.in.db' to re-generate the point map as 3D map, indicating
>    x=xcol y=ycol z=zcol
Thanks Markus!

Just finished to try out your method for 2D point "extrusion", and it 
works OK.
I thought that the v.out.ascii.db script would hide some of the steps 
you described. However, while Maciek's approach was based on 
'v.out.ascii'/'v.in.ascii' plus 'db.select', yours was based only on 
*db* commands (no intermediary text file).
Thanks both for your help/teaching,


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