[GRASS-user] Label difficulties

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Wed Aug 29 10:26:28 EDT 2007

I haven't made a new Mac binary in a while.  I'll try to get one out  
today so you can test this Adam.

On Aug 29, 2007, at 4:50 AM, Hamish wrote:

> Hamish wrote:
>>> maybe a way to process the text string with formatting codes to
>>> newlines automatically? (tcl is string friendly, so search and
>>> replace shouldn't  be too hard, although I've no idea how)
> Ivan wrote:
>>         It's rather simple:
>> % set a {1\n2}
>> 1\n2
>> % subst -nocommands -novariables $a
>> 1
>> 2
>> %
> Thanks Ivan, that works! Applied in 6.3cvs.
> The border box still needs to be updated to count the number of  
> lines in
> the string and adjust the background box width and height  
> accordingly. For
> now you can just turn off the background box.
> Bug: I notice that if you try and change the PS label background box
> color or font color it just gets reset when you redraw the display.
> I've little idea about Tcl/Tk so I must leave these small tasks for
> someone else. The "sample" label file that comes with Spearfish has a
> \n newline in it to test with.
> I would hold off backporting the fixes to the 6.2.x branch until it is
> all working in 6.3cvs, then do it as a single patch.
> Hamish

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