[GRASS-user] Regarding NVIZ and d.slide.show

yuri bay ksh_wong at msn.com
Thu Feb 1 09:11:28 EST 2007


I am trying to use the NVIZ for simulation animation and is wondering if it 
can be used for the following scenario: to move a point from one position to 
another for a period of time, for a series of different positions.  I know 
NVIZ can be used for 3D animation, but what about the 2D vector-based 
animation just mentioned?  If NVIZ can be used for this purpose then would 
anyone tell me where can I find the information on how to use it?  By the 
way, have anyone got the information on how to use d.slide.show?  The 
explanation in the GRASS help is not really helpful.

Many thanks

Casey Wong

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