[GRASS-user] Re: v.buffer creates artefact - bug?

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Thu Feb 1 12:51:35 EST 2007

Maciej Sieczka wrote:

> Hamish said it was not reproducible on his "Debian/Sarge, gcc 3.3.5,
> linux 2.4.27-3-686 on a P4".
> Maybe GCC version makes the difference? I'll try GCC 3 when possible.

So I did, gcc 3.3.6 on Ubunutu 6.06 32bit Pentium M. No good. Exactly
the same bug crops out as with gcc 4.03.


Are you still not able to reproduce this? You might be holding the key
to a fix.


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