[GRASS-user] v.digit no monitor x0

francesco.pirotti francesco.pirotti at unipd.it
Fri Feb 2 08:39:41 EST 2007

Dear Friends,

I just compiled 6.2 because I am making a liveCD just for a GRASS 
course.  Everything went fine, but when I try to run v.digit (either on 
commandline or by pressing the icon in the menu) it crashes because there 
is no monitor selected... I try to select the monitor using d.mon start=x0 
but it says that there is no x0 monitor.  Infact if I list monitors it 
gives me a list of png1 png2 etc... monitors.

The question is:  am I missing something or am I in need of a library?  Can 
anyone confirm that they can use the v.digit module fine with the 6.2 version?

Francesco Pirotti

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