[GRASS-user] error in d.vect command in grass6.3.cvs??

Glynn Clements glynn at gclements.plus.com
Mon Feb 5 00:26:31 EST 2007

Guido Lorenz wrote:

> The  syntax of the d.vect command has changed slightly between version
> 6.2.1 and the latest 6.3.cvs versions (as of january 30  and later). In
> 6.3.cvs, I cannot execute succesfully a vector file display, nor from
> the gis.m shell nor from the command line, whereas from 6.2.1 (and
> former 6.3.cvs versions), the vector files display well.
> The d.vect command of both versions and an example of error messages is
> given here:

> example:
> d.vect map=paguirre2006base6 color=0:0:0 lcolor=0:0:0 fcolor=170:170:170
> display=shape type=point,line,boundary,centroid,area icon=basic/circle
> size=5 layer=1 lsize=8 xref=left yref=center llayer=1
> Sorry, <layer> is not a valid parameter
> Error: value <paguirre2006base6> out of range for parameter <map>
>        Legal range: point,line,boundary,centroid,area,face
> Error: value <1> out of range for parameter <llayer>
>        Legal range: point,line,boundary,centroid,area
> ERROR: Required parameter <output> not set:
>     (Name for output vector map).

> Any clue or fix out there?

Based upon the above errors, I strongly suspect that that d.vect and
libgis' parser are using different values for the G_OPT_ constants.

The most likely reasons are:

1. You have performed an incremental build following a "cvs update". 
That won't work; you need to run "make clean" (preferably "make
distclean") after updating from CVS.

2. You have (parts of) multiple versions installed on your system, and
the d.vect executable from one version is using libgis from the other
version. This could be caused by installing an incomplete build of one
version into a directory containing an older version, or by having
$LD_LIBRARY_PATH point to the wrong version.

Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com>

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