[GRASS-user] GRASS promotion team

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 5 05:44:26 EST 2007

Chip Mefford wrote:
> I would suggest going about this exactly backwards, in
> the following order

0. Set up a wiki page to collect images and text:

Maybe Markus's SVN server could hold LaTeX sources?

> 1. Compile the technical data sheet for the high-end user.
> and building from that;

Start from 6.0, 6.2.0, and 6.2.1 press releases?

> 2. Get the newbie friendly tutorial together.

some work already started,

It would be Very nice if someone updated "Visual Tutorial for GRASS 6"
by Lorenzo Moretti for GRASS 6.2 + gis.m.

> 3. Make a brochure.

--Call for screenshots--; the wiki can take images, but not other binaries.

> 4. The 'Live-CD'.

There are already several made:

The vast majority of LiveCDs are Debian derived, so a critical step is
getting a good GRASS 6.2.1 pacakge into Debian. For now things are
frozen for the upcoming release; a 6.2.0 package awaits in the
experimental repository, a 6.2.1 package meta-exists in the DebianGIS
SVN and awaits upload.

> On press releases

http://www.slashgeo.org is a nice receptive place to start.

The GRASS Newsletter is a great forum for user relations too.


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