[GRASS-user] v.external::possibility to "translate" v.external-layer into "real" grass layer - bug?

Wolfgang Qual Wolfgang.Qual at gmx.net
Mon Feb 5 08:36:20 EST 2007

Hello list,
again, something about v.external.
I recently read that it should be possible to "translate" a v.external-layer into a real grass layer using g.copy. A new layer is produced, but when I try to query it (v.db.select), I get the WARNING: Can't open fidx file for vector 'oe2 at muc_sqlite'.
As described in the previous mail, there is also no entry for an attribute table visible in sqlite (I use sqlite for the attributes).

Additionally, the former imported layer (using v.external) could be loaded into QGIS; however, this is not true for the layer which was created out of that one using g.copy. QGIS simply writes "No layers available in this map".

And: It is not possible to display field-info using v.info -c for this layer (layer created out of v.external using g.copy)
GRASS 6.1.cvs (muc):~ > v.info -c map=oe2
WARNING: Can't open fidx file for vector 'oe2 at muc_sqlite'.
Remark: v.db.select does that job, although the same warning is displayed.

If someone has some answers for these questions...Would be great!

Best regards,

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