[GRASS-user] Creating a ground water from a vector files of contours?

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 6 02:13:56 EST 2007

Dylan Beaudette wrote:
> > Bob wrote:
> > >
> > > Like the subject line says, I need help creating a ground water
> > > map using a vector file of contours.  The ground water file came
> > > from a E00 file that was read into Grass using v.in.e00.  I am
> > > currently running v.surf.rst which is taking a long time to run. 
> > > Are there other ways to do this problem?
> > r.surf.contour - Surface generation program from rasterized
> > contours.

> not sure how well this would work, but ...

(r.surf.contour does work well!, also try r.surf.nnbathy from wiki addons)

> how about
> v.to.points
> transfer elevation from contour lines to point [z] coordinates
> v.surf.rst or other interpolator...

that doesn't work very well as it aliases results at areas of high point
density. (ie along the contour lines)

Imagine what the quadtree segmentation vector looks like in that case.
(v.surf.rst treefile=)


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