[GRASS-user] v.segment, v.lrs.create

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Tue Feb 6 07:49:16 EST 2007

Thomas Drüssler wrote on 02/06/2007 09:07 AM:
> Hello everybody,
> i'm using grass now for about 3 months now, and i still have some problems with management of vectors and tables.
> now i'm trying to create transects with two meter segments. i established the transects along several hightlines with 
> v.in.ascii 3d lines and v.in.ascii 3d points, but now i don't succeed in establishing the two meter segments. 
Do you have points and lines as two separate vector maps and want to
combine them? Then v.patch and v.clean will be needed.

> what is the easiest way (v.segment?, v.lrs.create?, other?) 
With an existing line (or several), I simply do:
v.split transects out=transects_split length=2

It inserts vertices every 2 map units (meters in my case).


> and how do i use the command, concerning tables and input data?
> thanks for your reply
> thomas

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