[GRASS-user] combining tiles

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 11:13:16 EST 2007

> Either this is a very common problem, or you were reading my
> mind. I've been trying to get 19 maps coloured properly, and I'd
> realized that none of the automatic settings were going to work
> because of the -9999 values skewing all the schemes. I hadn't yet
> figured out how to change those values to NULLs. I have exported my
> tiles to ESRI ascii grids, and the -9999 values don't appear to have
> influenced the subsequent analysis in Maxent. But it was getting very
> tedious hand-editing the colour tables.
You don't have to hand-edit all color tables for each map.  Just edit
a rules file for on map then run:
#r.colors - Creates/Modifies the color table associated with a raster map layer.
r.colors map=your_map_that_has_skewed_colortable color=a_rules_file
r.colors map=your_other_maps_with_skewed_colortable

hope it helps.

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