[GRASS-user] GRASS and real time data from GPS

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 8 21:40:33 EST 2007

> Michaël Rabotin ha scritto:
> > Hi everybody,  a question concerning gps and GRASS
> > IS anybody knows if a module like Tracking Analyst (ESRI) exists for
> > GRASS ? If such module doesn't exist, I would like to know if is it
> > possible to display in a display monitor  points with xyz
> > coordinates every second (real time data)? Can GRASS manage such
> > input with a temporal contraint ?

I've never seen Tracking Analyst, so no idea exactly if it matches, but..

Paolo Cavallini wrote:
> The new (devel version) qgis can do something similar, via gpsd.

Very interesting.

> It should not be too difficult to do the same in grass, though.

I wrote something like this for GRASS 5,


but the GRASS display system really isn't built for this sort of thing,
so instead of porting it to GRASS 6 I abandoned it in favour of

To produce backdrop tiles for gpsdrive I have written two scripts,

* d.out.gpsdrive:  (write out a GRASS xmon display)

* and gdal_slice.sh:  (cut up a GeoTIFF (or similar GDAL format) into
gpsdrive tiles)

Also the devel version of GpsDrive can load in OpenStreetMap data.


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