[GRASS-user] using r.mapcalc

Stephan Holl stephan.holl at intevation.de
Fri Feb 9 10:21:33 EST 2007

Hello Thomas,

Thomas Drüssler <Sommes at web.de>, [20070209 - 15:52:53]

> Hello everybody
> please help me solving a problem concerning r.mapcalc:
> my intention is to calculate a new map consisting of two older ones.
> the one shows  digitized elements( rocks), cat values are NULL or 1, 
> the other is a reclassified map(slope >50), with cat values 1 or
> NULL. so i have 4 options:
> pixels, with only digitized elements, pixels with only slope
> elements, pixels with both and pixels without(NULL) the resulting map
> sould consist of these 4 categories. i already tried r.patch, but
> with no success, there was only one resulting category and NULL
> values.

what about
r.mapcalc "newmap = map1 + map2"


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