[GRASS-user] cross product n patch

savitri negi savitrinegi1 at rediffmail.com
Tue Feb 13 00:32:02 EST 2007

again i have come up with a basic query,,
being new to the image field i am not able to get what does the r.patch does , n what r.cross of two images does ??
say i have got one map and iam  having lat long information of that map.. and i also have another map which is a part of the earlier map and has got the lat long  for it also .say  my this later image is the updated one so i want to overlap this one on the earlier larger one. can anyone of the r.patch and r.cross help ??
if not what to be used..as i tried both of them but couldnt get the updated information on the new map after patching as well as after r.cross
can anyone help?????

On Fri, 19 Jan 2007 Jarek Jasiewicz wrote :
>Seppo.Kaitala at fimr.fi napisa³(a):
>>Dear  Jaroslaw
>>I did not get working starting and selecting the monitors (d.mon start=x0),
>It is not necessary, you have dsiplay manager, you can open  many display at once, also you can start it form gui or console or create command
>>and I was also confused with map1 in connection to x0.
>>Also I did not get d.waht rast working.
>7'th icon on disply fro the right click on it to see rast or vect parameters d.what rast you can run form console or from gui
>>Further when I tried to draw maps
>>to png,
>yes, but from display you can save tiff and different formats
>>  I did not maniga to do it either.
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